Deus Ex: Human Revolution and The Importance of Its Fiction

I'm in the bottom floor of a warehouse. According to my radar there is only one tango on the top floor. I count five on the bottom floor. I have a bigger problem at hand. There are two heavy machine gunners and a robot. I prepare myself accordingly. I equip my crossbow and take aim at the first tango up top. He gets an arrow to the chest. Tango down. I see two targets away from the herd. I run up to them and impale them with my arm blades. I pull the blades out from their guts and swiftly send the blades into their spines for insurance. That's three down.

The computer I need to get access to  is being guarded by one tango. I shoot two well placed rounds into the target with my silenced pistol. Four down. I access the computer. Shit, level 4 security. I spend a quick minute to hack the security hub. I breach the computer and activate the turret and robot to terminate enemy targets. Fireworks. I sit and watch as the carnage ensues. I have an evil grin on my face as the remaining tango's were neutralized. Pritchard? Mission accomplished. Where's my exit? My name is Jon Ortiz, but for tonight you can call me Adam Jensen. This is my story

How Diablo II Taught Me The Way of The Warrior

I love RPG's. From tabletop RPG's like Magic to the traditional JRPG like Final Fantasy. I just love them. Over time I've grown very fond of the western RPG.  That's not to say that I don't like JRPG's. They just haven't evolved in such a way to keep me interested or engaged. My first real experience with a traditional western RPG was actually Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance (both 1 & 2) on the PlayStation 2. I played co-op with a friend and was in love from day one.

This is where Diablo II comes in. I have had friend upon friend say "DUDE! You gotta play Diablo II!" I would then ask them why, and they would spew a lot more hyperbole and I would just move on. I just didn't see the appeal of playing an 11 year old action RPG, especially on a PC. Then one day, a friend just got fed up with my cynicism and made me buy it. That was 2 weeks ago. My thoughts? Everything I've played and been told about games was a lie. Diablo II is a huge deal. 

Returning To Rapture

I watched that 15 minute gameplay trailer for Bioshock Infinite and immediately repurchased Bioshock. I had to do it. Was Irrational Games really this awesome? How did I forget? I must remedy this now. I feel Irrational Games first foray into into the series is one of the finest pieces of interactive entertainment ever made. It has been four years since I last played Bioshock so I have forgotten how great this game is.

I'm just going to assume that you've played the game because I don't feel I need to tell you what Bioshock is "about". It's something you really need to experience.  I would like to focus on my specific experience while replaying the game. The things I missed, the side stories I ignored, and the attention to detail that I somehow overlooked when I played it four years ago (It's still really hard for me to believe that).

Blast From the Past: "The Operative: No One Lives Forever"

No One Lives Forever is a spy-genre game franchise that first began in 2000. In both the first game and the sequel, you play Cate Archer, master spy of UNITY – a secret British organization, an organization that feels ripped straight out of a typical 1960's spy movie. As Archer, you are sent on various missions around the world, starting in Morocco. Multiple UNITY agents have been killed as the game begins, so Cate gets a quick promotion and sent on assignment to Morocco. The Morocco mission is long, and exciting. Aside from some of the “gimmick” levels involving skydiving without a parachute and a zero-gravity space station, the Morocco mission is perhaps my favorite, in both the mix of humor and large and spacious level design. You soon realize that H.A.R.M. is involved and the game takes off!

I honestly do not know how innovative the game was at the time, but it's hard to find another game that mixed so many different locales, land, air and sea so perfectly. You get a taste of East and West Germany, the Alps, escape from a sinking boat, scuba dive a shipwreck, *free fall from an airplane*, explore tropical jungles, zero gravity space stations and underground lairs. This game pretty much has it all.

I Want To Want The 3DS

Sexy like a chocolate strawberry

At one point I bought into the Apple-caliber hype machine that Nintendo has built. I spouted off all kinds of things like "I am going to buy this day one." Of course I later realized that I was simply lying to myself. I haven't owned a handheld from Nintendo since the DS "Fat" launch (I later sold the device...six months later). The fact is, I don't really like any of the software offerings on the DS. I never have and I probably never will. Now before you write me off, it really comes down to a matter of preference. I prefer the PSP over the DS, but I now no longer own either.

Nintendo dominates the handheld market in a way Sony can only dream of. I respect everything they do, but as I've aged and matured (sort of), so have my tastes in what I play. When the 3DS launched I got wrapped in what I like to call "Word of Mouth Syndrome". This is when people verbally masturbate to said product at such an absurd level that you can't help but acknowledge it. This is usually on major social networking sites within the first week of the products launch. This can pretty much apply to anything, this isn't exclusive to Nintendo. So now that things have calmed down, let me ask you a valid question: Why should I buy a 3DS? What does it offer me that an iPhone 4 or PSP doesn't(obvious hardware differences aside).

AGP Episode 22: The X File

Shows being lost is nothing new to us, so we dust ourselves off and bring you the second rendition of #22. We discuss Killzone 3, our top RPG experiences, not being at PAX East, going to PAX East next year, kick it old school with Resistance 2, why the word gamer is ridiculous, Dead Space 2 DLC, comics that prevent us from playing stuff, and ask why we are still discussing a certain game over a year later. Shit just got real. Right click to and save as to download.
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Changes at AGP

First of all, thank you. Thank you all for listening to us, for caring enough to spread the love out there about us, and for sticking with us. About a week ago episode 22 was recorded. Then in awesome fashion our equipment had screwed up making half of the recording unusable. I became deeply frustrated with this nonsense. It's happened before and it's insanely frustrating.  Trying to salvage a recording is hell on earth and it's highly discouraging.

Sometimes I (not Chad, he has much better patience than I do) lose it and in order to not get burned out I have to take a break. I usually unplug for about 7-10 days, gather myself and come back to it with a fresh head. Now chill out, AGP isn't going anywhere, however for our own sanity, the format is changing.

Given our respective schedules, life, and all that fun shit, we will be moving to a monthly schedule. It's much more manageable and far less stressful for both of us. That being said, this is a good thing. What this means is now we just have on solid stacked episode at the beginning of the month and one solid video at the latter part of the month. This means AGPTV stays intact and you still get your dose of Another Game Podcast. Now we will still be updating the site with posts and rants, so that will remain the same.

We are also making one more addition to the site in the near future. We are partnering up with another game website (which has to remain undisclosed until we fine tune the details, but it's awesome.) to bring you AGP Live. I can't share any details on it yet, but just know it will be quite awesome. Bear with us as we get the details sorted out.

Again, thank you so much for all of your support and understanding guys. We love doing this and you're the reason we keep doing it. While the format may have changed, it's still the same me and the insufferable Chad Tyler Wherry. Episode 22 records tomorrow night and will be released Monday Morning. Thanks again, we love you guys.